10 Reasons Your House Needs Rewiring

May 27, 2021

An aging home requires ongoing upkeep, from updating old appliances to replacing the roof. Your electrical wiring is no different. With over 50,000 electrical fires reported in the U.S. each year, old or faulty wiring presents a major safety concern. You'll want to work with professional "electric electricians near me" to ensure your home's electrical system can deliver the goods safely.

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Electrical problems like sparking outlets, burning smells and hot switch plates should always be taken seriously. It's important to note that electrical repairs like rewiring should never be DIY'd. Rewiring a home requires extensive training, safety knowledge and specialty tools. If you're unsure whether you need electrical repairs, read on for 10 reasons your house needs rewiring.

1. Burning Smells

If you notice burning smells in your home when you haven't cooked or used any appliances, it could indicate a serious electric issue. Heat coming off of faulty wires can cause burning smells. As this is a fire hazard, it's advised to turn off the circuit breaker immediately. Identify and take note of the rooms where the burning smells occur and contact a professional electrician right away.

2. Aluminum Wiring

When the price of copper went up in the mid-1960s, builders and electricians opted for single-strand aluminum wiring to save on costs. It was soon discovered that aluminum wiring presents a safety hazard, as it's likely to overheat or fail. If you see the letters "AL" on the panel jacket in your home, consult with a qualified electrician to determine if your house needs rewiring.

3. Buzzing Sounds

Buzzing noises are a sign that your electrical wiring needs attention. While this doesn't necessarily mean you need to rewire your entire house, buzzing sounds should be taken seriously. A mains hum, wiring issues or a problematic circuit breaker are just a few of the possible culprits for electrical buzz.

4. Loose Outlets

Loose outlets may seem like a minor issue, but they could indicate anything from poor installation to extreme overuse of the outlet. It's easy to overlook this one, but you'll want to check in with your local St. Paul, MN electrician to ensure it's not a symptom of a larger issue.

5. Blown Fuses and Tripped Breakers

If the electrical flow in your home exceeds a certain number of amps, your circuit breaker stops it. Built in as a safety feature, it needs to work at all times to effectively protect your home. If you notice your circuit breaker trips frequently, or you find yourself dealing with blown fuses, it's time to have an electrician evaluate your home for rewiring. Randy's Electric offers home electrical safety services including home safety electrical audits.

6. Sparking Outlets

If you see sparks or experience an electrical shock when using an outlet in your home, call a local St. Paul electrician right away. There are multiple reasons why an outlet might produce a spark or shock you. A professional electrician can find and fix the root cause of the problem quickly and safely.

7. Damaged Insulation

Broken or exposed wires are a strong indication your home needs rewiring. Wires with exposed metal can actually melt the insulation that surrounds it, leading to further damage and potential safety hazards. If this happens in your home, have wires replaced immediately.

8. An Over-Fused Electrical Panel

It's imperative for a breaker or fuse to match the amperage a wire is able to handle. When a circuit breaker is oversized for the capacity of your wires, your home circuit is over-fused, preventing safety measures from kicking in when they're supposed to. If you notice a discrepancy between a breaker or fuse and the amperage your wires can safely handle, your home needs to be rewired. This fix requires the help of an expert.

9. Hot Cords, Switches or Plugs

If you notice switch plates, plugs and cords that are hot to the touch, have your wiring inspected by a professional electrician. While this may seem like a minor issue, especially in an older home, it should be taken seriously. Hot or warm switches can be a warning sign that a fire could start at any moment.Â

10. Bulbs Burning Out

One or more light bulbs that constantly burn out is an indication your house needs rewiring. While the issue could be something simple, such as a loose connection in the light fixture, it could also mean there's a more serious issue, like excess heat in your wiring. Have an electrical pro troubleshoot the issue for you.Â

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