Electric Baseboard Heater Installation & Repair

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In the Minneapolis-St. Paul area it doesn’t get chilly when winter settles in. It gets cold, and sometimes a standard heating system just isn’t enough. If you’re looking to add an efficient and powerful heating aid to your home, then Randy’s Electric can help with a new baseboard heater installation!

Our electricians have been helping homeowners in Hennepin County since 2002, offering superior electrical installations and maintenance. We understand that your needs always come first, and we really care about the quality of the work we perform! When you want a service team that offers a workmanship guarantee—and one that is going to get the job done right the first time, you want Randy’s Electric.

For baseboard heater installation in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Brooklyn Park, or any of the surrounding areas, contact Randy’s Electric!

Electric Baseboard Heater Advantages

A baseboard heater operates quietly at the base of a wall, circulating air through means of convection to produce heat. They are excellent for room additions and areas of your home that are frequently used so you don’t have to waste energy heating portions of your home that you rarely visit. This type of heater operates silently because there is no fan. Installing this type of appliance typically requires some sort of wiring work, so you should leave this type of job to a professional.

So what exactly does a baseboard heater bring to the table in terms of benefits? What makes them a good call for home or home addition heating? These systems can do quite a lot, including:

  • Plenty of warmth. With a flexible BTU range available, baseboard heaters can be fitted and installed to warm rooms of various sizes. This makes them perfect for heating single rooms and outbuildings.
  • Efficient heating. Many homeowners loathe using a whole-home heating system because they don’t really use their whole home all that much. If that’s you, then a baseboard heater is ideal! With these systems installed in key rooms throughout the home, you can keep the heat and the energy spent where you want it.
  • Quiet operation. Many space heaters and wall units make use of fans and other loud systems, but baseboard units heat via convection, meaning they don’t need any noisy components.
  • Easy maintenance. Just a quick wipe down or vacuum out is all a baseboard needs. No filter changes, no annual tune-ups.

Electric Baseboard Heater Safety

Baseboard heaters are generally safe, but you still want to make sure you’re careful when you, your children, or your pets are around them. Baseboard heater covers will protect you and your loved ones from the hottest tubes, and those covers are standard in most models. This type of heater is typically mounted on a wall, but freestanding models have built-in safety features, such as a shut-off feature if the unit tips over.

As long as you make sure your baseboard heater is properly installed, has safety covers, is not located below any electrical outlets, is not near any drapes and doesn’t touch the floor, you can be assured of safe operation.

Electric Baseboard Heaters

Electric Baseboard Heater Installation in Minneapolis, St. Paul and the Greater Metro

If you’re interested in harnessing baseboard heating in your home, call on the practiced and skilled electricians at Randy’s Electric! Our experts have been handling baseboard installations and repair for years, and we make the whole process a fast, easy, and safe way to keep your home cozy come the fall and winter months.

Connect with us online today to get started, or call 763-560-5600 to schedule a consultation now!


Electric Baseboard Heaters

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