A Holiday Guide to Electrical Troubleshooting

December 23, 2016

Electrical troubleshooting is one of the most important things you can do for your home this holiday season. While the focus at this time of year will be on gift-wrapping and spending time with family and friends, it is your responsibility to ensure your electrical needs are met before any holiday festivities begin. Having an effective electrical system is especially imp ortant if you are planning to host a holiday get-together, and need safe, reliable electricity to entertain your guests. If your system malfunctions, your holiday season may turn out to be one you’d rather forget. A lack of electrical maintenance may have you spending more money on electrical bills than necessary. This is likely due to a lower level of efficiency from all of your electrical fixtures, including the addition of holiday lighting around your home. According to the Annual Energy Outlook, the cost of running a Standard C-7 4 watt lights at 10.5 cents per kilowatt-hour is $25.13. If you’re not careful, you may wind up spending more on electrical bills, which will greatly interfere with your holiday budget. Bills aren’t the only thing you should be concerned about, though. A lack of maintenance may also put your home at higher risk of an electrical failure. Homeowners should not have to spend their holiday season worrying over when the next electrical emergency will break out, so it’s best to take a more proactive approach with electrical troubleshooting. This will help to ensure you avoid major problems altogether.

Why You Need to Call Randy’s Electric

Randy’s Electric should be your number-one choice for electrical service this season. We want to see you with reliable electricity for the holidays, and our team of electricians will stop at nothing to maintain your seasonal cheer. We offer a wide range of electrical services to meet virtually every need, including but not limited to: electrical rewiring, GFCI installation, and fuse box upgrades. Our team will work quickly, so we’ll be in and out of your home before your holiday plans get underway. Thanks to more consistent electrical performance, our work ensures you will be less likely to experience power surges. These surges may seem harmless, but they can actually damage your electrical outlets and essential appliances. You will also enjoy a safer environment, due to a lower risk of electrical fires and electrocution. Above all else, you have better peace of mind this season, leaving you more time and energy to focus in on your loved ones. After all, isn’t that what the holidays all about?

5 Helpful Troubleshooting Tips

You may not be a licensed professional, but being a homeowner means it would be wise to do a little troubleshooting of your own. If you are looking to improve your home for the holidays, consider any of these 5 troubleshooting tips:

  1. Upgrade Outlets: Still living with two-prong outlets? Consider upgrading them. Two-prong outlets are outdated, and are generally lacking the abilities to handle modern electrical demands. This can actually heighten the risk of a fire. It is important to keep in mind that two prong outlets are not sufficiently grounded, and will not protect against things like sparks, shocks, power surges, fires or electrocution. Call your local electrician for information on electrical troubleshooting, and to replace old outlets with three-prong units ASAP.
  2. Add Outlets: If you find yourself with too many appliances and not enough outlets, it may be time to consider adding more. Loading up a power strip with as many appliances as possible will prove dangerous, and will only greater your risk of a fire. Consult with your local electrician to determine how many new outlets you will need and where they should be installed. More outlets will reduce the amount of power strips and extension cords you use, thus decreasing the risks associated with their use.
  3. Install GFCI Outlets: A ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) can save your life. That’s not hyperbole either. A GFCI outlet will keep your family and any houseguests away from the threat of electrocution. This will prove especially helpful in rooms of the house where water and electricity can mix, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and garages. GFCI outlets are designed to immediately shut off the flow of electrical power once they detect any irregular flow of electrical power.
  4. Install Whole Home Surge Protection: Whole home surge protection exists to keep the power running, even when a surge threatens to knock it out. A power surge can damage both your outlets and appliances, but having protection will ensure you get to use your most essential appliances to their fullest. For example, if you are working on the home computer for work-related purposes, you will be able to meet deadline without a surge causing the computer to turn off and delete progress.
  5. Call Randy’s for a Home Safety Inspection: Randy’s Electric is the leading choice for home safety inspection. Our electricians will ensure every area of your home is inspected for issues like frayed wiring, damaged outlets, flickering lights, and more. We want to ensure your home is 100% safe – not just for the holidays, but year-round!

Let Randy’s Electric Make Your Holiday Stress-Free With Our Electrical Troubleshooting!

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