Electrical Wiring for Home Office for Better Productivity

June 23, 2021

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, fully remote jobs were rare, industry-specific and highly coveted. However, as it did with many aspects of life, the virus ushered in a veritable revolution in the global workforce. In fact, 88 percent of business organizations worldwide encouraged or mandated remote work at some point during the pandemic. Unsurprisingly, the advent of the home office brought with it a specific set of needs, including access to a 24/7 electrician. As vaccination numbers rise, Americans slowly ease back into normal life. But unringing the bell of working from home may be easier said than done. Surveys suggest that, for better or worse, remote work is here to stay. So, how can we as a society pivot toward making the home office as efficient and comfortable as possible? It starts with updating electrical wiring at home. Are you ready to turn your workspace into a real home office? A skilled electrician from Randy’s Electric can provide all the home wiring services you need. Call (612) 662-0104 to schedule an appointment today.

Why Work from Home?

As more businesses adapt to offering partially or fully remote positions, some workers will be faced with a choice they never anticipated: working from home or going into the office. Although a communal workspace offers obvious social benefits, many people believe the benefits of remote work outweigh them.Â

Less Commute Time

According to an analysis by the Texas A&M Transportation Institute, the average American who drives to work spends 54 hours per year stuck in traffic. Commuting by car not only wastes time, but it has also been linked to higher stress levels, respiratory problems and a more polluted environment.Â

Greater Productivity

As it turns out, workers do not require constant oversight and surveillance to be productive. A well-known 2014 study found that remote workers at a Chinese travel agency performed 13 percent more efficiently than their office-bound peers.Â

Smaller Environmental Impact

Shortly into the pandemic and quarantine, people around the globe began circulating pictures of cleaner, less polluted cities. According to Global Workplace Analytics, if everyone in the U.S. worked remotely half the time, we could reduce greenhouse gas emissions from vehicle travel by 51 million metric tons a year.

Better health

If you practiced social distancing and wore a mask to protect from COVID-19, you might have noticed a pleasant added benefit: fewer colds and viruses. Not only does working from home keep people safe from communicable diseases, but the casual environment also allows more time for fitnessIf you’re ready to turn your home workspace into an efficient home office, contact a 24/7 electrician at Randy’s Electric to get started. To find out more about the essential electrical components of a home office, continue reading.Â

Essential Components of Home Office

Most people who work from home want to be as efficient as possible, but simply don’t have the infrastructure to perform at their highest capacity. To get the most out of your home office, it needs to be set up with certain components.Â


Few things impede a workflow like trying to string together enough extension cords to power your computer and other electronic devices. To keep a clean, organized home office you need ample outlets to power the devices you depend on to accomplish tasks. Randy’s Electric can install the outlets, switches and dimmers you need to be productive.Â

Dedicated Power Circuit

Computers are more sensitive to changes in electrical signals than other electronic devices, so it’s important to have a dedicated power circuit to ensure the utmost safety. A dedicated power circuit isolates your computer equipment from other devices on other circuits. Regardless of what happens on those circuits, it won’t affect your computer.Â

Power Conditioner

Adding a power conditioner to your home office gives your most sensitive electronic devices an extra layer of protection. A power conditioner essentially cleans and conditions electrical power before it ever reaches your devices, preventing noise and voltage fluctuations from causing problems.Â

Hard-Wired Internet ConnectionÂ

Wifi might be the most convenient way to connect to the internet, but it’s not the most stable. If you’re spending extended time on the internet in your home office, it’s essential you have a hard-wired internet connection. A hard-wired connection will provide you with the stability and strength needed for high-bandwidth tasks. Already have an optimized home office and just need a repair? Reach out to the emergency electricians at Randy’s Electric to get the job done fast.Â

Electrical Safety Tips for the Home Office

Whereas office spaces (ideally) comply with state and federal regulations regarding electrical wiring and maintenance, people working from home for the first time may not know what electrical hazards to avoid. Here are some tips for electrical safety in your home office:Â

  • Do not overload outlets
  • Unplug appliances when not in use
  • Never run cords under rugs or carpets, doors or windows
  • Never plug a space heater into an extension cord or powerstripÂ
  • Regularly inspect electrical cords for damage
  • Make sure your lamps are using proper wattage
  • Never leave papers or other flammable items within three feet of a space heater
  • Make sure your home has working smoke detectorsÂ

If you’re ever in doubt about the safety of a particular electrical configuration, don’t hesitate to reach out to a trusted electrician at Randy’s Electric. An experienced electrician can help you figure out the safest way to set up your office.Â

Hire an Electrician Who Specializes in Home Office WiringÂ

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, workers must adapt not only to a different world, but to a different work environment. If you’re considering making the transition to working full-time from home, give yourself every chance to succeed by hiring a 24/7 electrician who specializes in home wiring services. Call (612) 662-0150 to get started.