How to Choose the Right Emergency Electrical Service

January 28, 2021

Have you ever had an ordinary day turn stressful because of an electrical emergency? For many, anticipating these situations can be impossible. When they do occur, knowing who to call for help can provide peace of mind and efficient solutions.The complex electrical systems which keep the power on in your home or business are unique for every property. When these systems fail, a trusted emergency electrical service is needed to address the issue promptly and professionally. If left unattended or handled improperly, even a minor electrical emergency can become a recurring problem, leaving you without power for an extended period of time. Finding the right business to handle these electrical emergencies involves a number of factors. From the type of property being serviced to finding the root cause of the issue, there are several things that you should consider before hiring an electrical company.Ready to get your emergency electrical needs resolved now? Contact Randy’s Electric online or call us at 612-445-6549 today!

Is It An Emergency or Standard Electrical Problem?

The first thing you’ll want to do when looking for the right provider to handle your electrical needs will be to determine if the issue is an emergency or not. Of course, all electrical problems can feel like an emergency for people without power. In this case, it’s important to know if you’re in an “immanent electrical fire” situation or just being inconvenienced. If it is in fact a time-sensitive issue that has unexpectedly occurred, you need emergency electrical services. If this has been an ongoing issue and alternative options are available, schedule an appointment with your electrician sometime soon.

Electrical Problems: Home vs. Business

The difference in electrical systems between homes and businesses can be significant. In order to ensure that you select the right provider for your needs, it is important to identify where the emergency has occurred and what structure is being affected. Some electrical service providers may be trained in handling residential emergencies, while others may specialize in business and commercial electrical issues. Others, such as Randy’s Electric, have professionals trained in both settings. Not only that, but the urgency of losing lights or power may differ depending on whether you’re at home or in a business setting. Obviously, you’ll know which is which and when to make the call.

Cause of the Electrical Issue

An electrical emergency can feel sudden no matter what started it. In reality, though, there are different causes for these situations that need to be identified as well. Was the emergency the result of a weather event, such as a storm that knocked out the power? Or is this a recurring problem that has happened more than once? Determining the cause of the problem can allow your service provider to select the ideal team to go about resolving the issue so that you won’t have to worry about it moving forward.


Let's talk about what you should be looking for in the right electrical company.  An electrician may not always be easy to find. But it’s an important service, because electrical issues do in fact constitute a real danger. For many people, the electrical emergency they experience needs to be resolved as quickly as possible. Finding a local electrician who is ready to send out assistance at your request can be a lifesaver.


Electrical emergencies can be costly. Finding a service that won’t break your budget while still providing prompt and professional care is essential. Quality electricians will provide you with up-front estimates for work. If it is an emergency electrical job, there may be a flat rate that you pay for them to come out and then an estimate for work (if it can wait). The goal here is to find an electrical company whose pricing and work you trust. Emergency electrical problems are expensive, but so is the damage done if they’re not taken care of. Do your research in advance and pick a company with qualified electricians. You may even find one that offers a guarantee, which gives you peace of mind that they stand by their work and worth.Â


Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, find a service provider that will answer the phone, jump on the chat or respond to your emails. However you want to communicate, a good electrical company should get back to you. This is especially important if you’re in a crisis. Some service providers use third-party answering methods or aren’t always available outside of set business hours. An electrician will always have an employee on-call and ready to work with you from the moment you first contact them until power is restored. Some would even call such a service “enLIGHTening”. At Randy’s Electric, it’s just a part of the experience!Â

Find an Electrician in St. Paul

As you can see, there’s plenty to consider when selecting the right electrical company to handle your emergency electrical needs. Randy’s Electric in St. Paul has been providing the Twin Cities and the surrounding metro area with a timely and professional solution to countless electrical emergencies for nearly 20 years!With a focus on up-front pricing—so that you’re aware of any costs with no added charges—Randy’s Electric offers customers a professional service that gets the job done. We also offer a 100 percent guarantee to return to your property at no additional cost if you feel the emergency requires further attention.Ready to have a company you trust for an electrical emergency? We’re on-call and ready to come out to address your needs with our highly trained professional team of electricians, available at your convenience. Not located in St. Paul? We offer our services throughout the Twin Cities area and can have an electrician on-site in record time. Contact Randy’s Electric online or call us at 612-445-6549 today!