How to Hide Unsightly Cords!

December 15, 2021

Cords can be unsightly or even unsafe in high-traffic areas of the home. Unorganized electrical cords can make an area feel messy or cluttered while also creating safety hazards. Curious children may use a cord to pull down an electrical device and young pets may think the cord is something to chew on if it is laying on the floor.Many people are tempted to sweep these things under the rug (pun intended), but this can lead to fire hazards.

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[It's very important to have cords hidden for the safety of children and pets]When wanting to hide or disguise ugly cords, it is best to avoid:

  • hiding cords under a rug - this “solution” is common, but please don’t do it! This creates a fire and tripping hazard.
  • using staples or nails to attach them to walls or furniture - besides the fire hazard of attachingÂ

them to flammable furniture, remember to never pierce an electrical cord!What to do instead:

  • look for safe cord-storage products
  • zip tie (or “clip”) cords together for a less messy look
  • have a licensed electrician install or move an outlet out of sight
  • purchase furniture with cord disguise in mind

Before heading to Google and searching “electrician near me” or “electrical services near me”, remember, if a cord is hot to the touch, frayed, or exposing wires, do not use it! Unplug the cord or device and replace it with a new, unbroken cord.Keep in mind that the National Electrical Code (NEC) forbids extension cords used in lieu of what should be permanently installed wiring. Examples of this include extension cords used for a garage door opener, freezer, or any fixed appliances. These situations justify having an electrician come in and add the necessary permanent wiring. The reason this law exists is due to the gauge or size of the wiring in cords is significantly smaller and can cause overheating or even melting hazards.If installing or moving an existing outlet sounds like the best solution for your cord clutter needs, please reach out to us at 763-560-5600 or select “book now” to schedule with one of our licensed, insured, and experienced Electricians.