New Year's Electrical Upgrades

January 1, 2020

Randy’s Electric is happy to provide electrical upgrades for your Minneapolis home. It’s about the time of year where everyone is slowly phasing out their New Year’s resolutions. The gym membership cards are starting to begin building up dust and the savings accounts are slowly dwindling back into the checking accounts.While you’re reevaluating your goals for the new year, you should consider taking a closer look at your plans for your home’s electrical system. For electrical upgrades to your Minneapolis home, trust Randy’s Electric – call us at 612-470-0914 or contact us online.

Why Call Randy’s Electric for Electrical Upgrades?

At Randy’s Electric, we take pride in our high-quality electrical upgrades. We take your family’s safety seriously, and will do everything we can to ensure your electrical system is properly maintained. We’re happy to answer any of your questions and provide electrical safety insight. Call Randy’s Electric for more information on the electrical upgrades we provide.

Electrical Resolutions You Should Really Keep This Year:

  • Panel Upgrades & Heavy-Ups – In many ways, you can count your  breaker box or electrical panel  as the “heartbeat” of your home’s electrical systems. The panel governs how much electricity you have access to safely, and from there it spreads to wires and circuits, and eventually to your outlets and sockets. If the panel is out of date, sized incorrectly for your electrical needs, or wearing down, then it can lead to a myriad of electrical complications. Our specialists can help! We can determine your overall electrical access needs and provide a comprehensive upgrade service that allows you to power every appliance, tool, computer, and light fixture in your home as needed.
  • Outlet installation – Tired of struggling to find a plug for your laptop, hair dryer, or portable heating unit? Add more outlets! Our experts make the process fast and easy.
  • Home rewiring – Outdated or damaged home wiring is one of the leading causes of house fires. Don’t get stuck with dangerous wiring in your home! Just call our team and we can lay out the best plan of action to get your wiring safe and up to date.
  • Dedicated circuit installation – All major “high draw” appliances should be set on their own dedicated circuit both for safety and for better overall operation and performance.

Call Randy’s Electric today and ask about our electrical upgrades!

Take these New Year’s resolutions seriously! Call Randy’s Electric today at 612-470-0914 for more information on our electrical upgrades!