Signs Your Electrical System is Outdated

February 15, 2021

If you live in an old house, you probably have a million repairs and renovations on your mind. Painting the walls, updating the appliances, preserving historical elements and updating landscaping are typically the tasks you want to do first. But, what about electrical? Updating your electrical system is not nearly as exciting as installing new flooring or painting your cabinets, but it is essential. If you don’t update your electrical system then you may be faced with some severe safety issues down the road. To schedule an electrical system inspection and update with affordable local electricians, call Randy’s Electric at (612) 662-0117. Continue reading for signs that your electrical system is outdated.Â

Frequently Tripped Breakers

Having to constantly reset your electrical breakers is a surefire sign that your home’s electrical system needs updating. This usually means that your circuits are overloaded. The issue may become more apparent as you install new lighting and appliances. These new systems require much more electricity than lighting and appliances of old. Even new houses can become overloaded. It is important that when you do replace lighting fixtures and equipment that you try to find out how much total wattage the previous one used. This way you can try to find a replacement with the same, or similar, wattage. Be sure to call an electrician to update your wiring and circuit breakers.Â

Two-Prong Ungrounded Outlets

Take a look at your outlets. How many holes can you count? There should be three holes. To use more technical language, there should be a neutral entry, hot entry and ground entry. This will look like two vertical openings and one circular opening, the ground, underneath. If your home only contains outlets with two vertical openings and no ground, then you need to get your system updated. This is a sign that your home’s electrical system is very old. If you continue to use this outlet system then you may end up with an electrical fire. Even worse, you may even get electrocuted if your system becomes too overloaded. Replacing these outlets and your wiring will also make life more convenient, as most plugs contain three prongs rather than two.Â

Frayed Wires

This is a great way to determine if any kind of electrical kitchen appliance, equipment or system needs to be replaced. Frayed wires are incredibly dangerous. They can cause electrocution, electrical fires, smoking and more. Whether you notice the frayed wires on your toaster or in your circuit breaker box, they should be replaced right away. This is especially true if you have children or pets that may be playing around these wires. In the best case scenario, the electrician will be able to replace just the affected wire. In some cases, however, the entire home will need to be rewired if the problem is found in various spots.Â

Cracking, Buzzing or Popping Noises

In addition to all of the above problems, you may also notice cracking, buzzing or popping noises. Try to listen closely and find out where these noises are coming from. If they are coming from your lights, outlets and other electrical fixtures, you need to call an electrician right away. This could be a sign of an incoming power outage, overload, electrical fire or other kind of issue. Your electrical systems should be completely silent, not making strange noises. It is key that you contact an electrician to assess the situation. If you don’t then you may end up with an even bigger situation on your hands.Â

Flickering and Dimming Lights

This is the most recognizable sign that you need electrical work done. It also depends on when exactly your lights begin to flicker or dim. If it only occurs when you plug in an appliance such as a vacuum, then you may be dealing with a circuit overload. This is the most likely problem if you are also experiencing frequent tripped circuit breakers. It’s important to get an electrician involved as soon as you notice this issue happening. The electrician will have to provide rewiring services or replace the circuit breaker. This should solve the problem and keep your lights from flickering.Â

Lingering Burning Smell

Smelling something burning is never a good sign, especially when it’s coming from an electrical system. The first thing to do is find where the smell is coming from. You may have to search around a bit. The smell is probably coming from an outlet or some other kind of electrical entryway, such as the connection for a lighting fixture. This is something that needs to be checked out by an electrician straightaway. If it isn’t then you may end up with an electrical fire. This can be especially dangerou if the fire occurs in a place that is not visible, such as inside of your walls.Â

Sparking or Discolored Outlets

It is not uncommon for outlets to spark occasionally or develop discoloration, but this does not mean that it should be ignored. Even brand new houses can have faulty outlets that pop or do other strange things. You may have even noticed some outlets have smoke residue on them. This is an especially scary thing to see, as it means that there was a short electrical fire. These are the kinds of signs that should not be ignored. No matter how old your house is, if you are having outlets that are sparking, discolored or causing fires then you need professional outlet service ASAP.Â

High Quality MN Electrical Contractor

Are you ready to update your home’s electrical system with affordable, local plumbers? If so, then give Randy’s Electric a call. Our team of experienced electricians wants to help you get your home back to a comfortable and safe place to live. We know how wonderful older homes can be to live in, which is why we are here to make sure that they can stand up to the test of modern electrical systems. To schedule an appointment with the Randy’s Electric team, give us a call at (612) 662-0117 or book electrical service