Why Choose A Certified Electrician?

February 25, 2021

Choosing an electrician is imperative to receiving the best service possible. If you choose an electrician that doesn’t have the experience, knowledge or skills to handle your needs, then may end up with a frustrating situation on your hands. One of the best ways to ensure that you are getting high quality electrical service is to look for a certified electrician.Most states require electricians to be certified and/or licensed, either as a contractor or as an electrician. This licensing should give you the confidence that your electrician knows what they’re doing.If you are ready to hire the best emergency electricians in St. Paul, MN, then contact Randy’s Electric at (612) 662-0123. Continue reading for more information on electrician certifications and the benefits of using a certified electrician.Â

Types of Electrician Certifications

Each state has its own licensing and certification requirements. Some may only require an electrician to have a contractors license while others may require more vigorous training and licensing. Most states require electricians to have one of these three levels of licensing:

  • Electrician Apprentice: must pass state certification exams and requirements. Have to work under the supervision of a Journeyman or Master electrician.
  • Journeyman Electrician: after meeting certain requirements and passing exams, Apprentices can become Journeymen. Journeyman Electricians can work independently, but many don’t.
  • Master Electrician: after working as a journeyman for a number of years, electricians can take an exam to become certified as a Master Electrician.Â

Think of these three as beginners, intermediate and expert levels. There may be extra license requirements in addition to these. It depends on the state and local ordinances. Electricians can even gain specialty licenses in pool electrical, elevator electrical and more.Â

How to Become a Certified ElectricianÂ

To become a certified electrician one must first gain the proper education. Most electricians go to trade school to get the education that they need for certification. Many programs include the certification exam so that they can immediately begin working as electricians. Some other requirements to become certified as an electrician are:

  • Internship, apprenticeship or residency hours
  • Employment proof
  • Photo identificationÂ
  • Application and fee
  • Proof of liability insurance

Although this description simplifies the process of getting certified as an electrician, there is a lot of work that goes into it. This is why you should always choose a certified and licensed electrician.Â

Benefits of Choosing a Certified ElectricianÂ

It is never recommended to complete electrical work on your own. If you shouldn’t, then why should someone who isn’t licensed to do so? Electrical work is extremely dangerous and complex. One wrong move and you can mess up how your home is wired or even cause an electrical fire. Understanding the benefits of choosing a certified electrician will not only help you know why it is so important, but it may also help you narrow down your selection. Take a look at three benefits to choosing a licensed electrician:


You wouldn’t ask your neighbor who works in IT to perform surgery on your knee. Even if their parent was a surgeon or they have had surgeries performed on them before, you still wouldn’t ask them to do this. The same should go for electrical work. There is a reason why surgeons have to go to school for years and years, the same reason why electricians go to school and then spend years getting experience.During this time of education, electricians gain the knowledge that is necessary to diagnose problems and learn the inner workings of a home's electrical system. Every home is wired differently and requires a different approach. When you need electrical services, it’s always a good idea to call a certified electrician.Â


Safety is always one of the biggest concerns when it comes to electrical work. Even highly experienced, certified electricians have to take their time to ensure that they are staying safe. Improperly handled electrical systems can cause electrical fires, electrocution, sparks, smoke, burns and more. Not only are electricians experienced, they also have the right tools to handle all kinds of situations.When it comes to electrical work, wearing the right personal protective equipment such as gloves and eyewear is incredibly important. Electricians will also have the tools that they need on hand to not only protect themselves, but also to protect your home. Hiring a certified electrician for your home rewiring and electrical needs is the best way to go.Â


Choosing ‘cost’ as a benefit to hiring a certified electrician may seem counterintuitive. However, the benefit is that when you hire a certified electrician, you will actually save money in the long run. This is because a licensed and experienced electrician will get the job done right the first time. If you hire someone who is not certified and they end up messing something up, you will have to pay even more to get it repaired a second time. Not to mention if they cause damages or make a mistake so big that you need to get a component replaced. Either way, hiring a certified technician is the best way to ensure that you only pay exactly what you need to for a permanent and effective solution.Â

Best Emergency Electricians in St. Paul MN

Our emergency electricians at Randy’s Electric are all certified in the state of Minnesota. This is why so many St. Paul residents choose us to service their electrical systems. We are dedicated to providing high quality workmanship and customer service. From emergency electrical service to electric remodeling, we have got your back.When homeowners choose us, they can feel confident that they are getting safe and effective service. We offer all kinds of services from home wiring to home electrical safety. Our team is experienced and highly trained so that we are ready to take on anything. Ready to hire only the best certified electrical technicians in St. Paul, Minnesota? Set up an appointment with Randy’s Electric by calling (612) 662-0123 or contact us online