Renovating an Old Home? Why You Need to Call an Electrician

March 10, 2021

Renovating an old home can be quite an endeavor. Between updating old plumbing, looking out for wood rot and replacing old windows, there are probably a thousand things on your to-do list. Well, here is another—updating old wiring. Your electrical system should always be the first thing that gets attention. Fortunately, finding a quality MN electrical contractor isn’t too tricky.An old electrical system can cause some major headaches down the line. Not only are there severe safety issues, but things can get costly quickly if left unattended. To schedule a thorough inspection of your home’s electrical system with affordable local electricians, contact Randy’s Electric at 763-560-5600. If you want to know more about why you need to have a professional look at your electrical system, read on.

Creating an Action Plan

Your electrician can walk you through each process and develop an efficient plan to tackle your old wiring woes. Finding an affordable, and great, local electrician is the first step in this process. They can help you plan out light replacements, update wiring and get you ready for inspections. Additionally, they can be the first to discover signs your system is outdated and service what is needed.An electrician will take a look at your home’s layout and come up with a map of needed electrical projects. This can mean finding areas for the new wiring, marking where live wires are in your home or just finding dead outlets. Having an open conversation about what you want is one of the benefits of working with a professional team like Randy’s Electric. They will be open and honest about the damage and what is needed to get your home up to code.

Fire Hazards of an Old Electrical System

Old wiring can be dangerous. Outdated electrical systems can start fires, which is the last thing anyone wants to deal with. Additionally, there are risks involved with servicing an old system that only an experienced electrician will understand. For this reason, it is always recommended you enlist the help and experience of a professional electrical contractor.Here are some of fire hazards your local electrical contractor will need to know about:

  • Knob and tube wiring: this old-school style wiring is only single-insulated and can easily become compromised.
  • Low amp wiring: modern appliances constantly require more power for operation. Older wiring often has a lower amperage than what is needed for modern electronics.
  • Modified wiring: rules regarding wiring work constantly changes for the better. The older the building, the higher a chance some not-up-to-code modifications need to be fixed.

These are just a handful of problems that an electrician should handle. In old homes, there is a lot to consider when it comes to electrical issues. Having a trusted and affordable local electrician can help alleviate some of the stresses with your renovation plan.Â

Installing New Lighting Fixtures

Are you planning on installing new lighting fixtures in your old home? Well, you might want to get your local electrician involved. They can help you decide what new wiring you might need, run them and install them properly. Location is very important to consider when working with an older system. Your electrician can help you plan out where to install lighting fixtures efficiently and, more importantly, safely.Additionally, you will undoubtedly encounter live wires when attempting an installation like this. This safety hazard is better left to the pros. Your electrician will also know where to find the electrical box and test for proper voltage. Electrical safety should be taken very seriously. This is why electricians need to be trained and licensed.

Updating Your Old Home’s Wiring

Old homes tend to come packed with old and outdated wiring. Depending on how long it has been since the last renovation, you could be dealing with ancient and fragile wiring. Moreover, circuits and wiring in older homes just can’t handle our modern power-hungry appliances. This means that every old wire, outlet and service panel may need replacing.This is where the expertise of a quality electrician is so consequential. They can help you fix each one of these issues and get your wiring up to code and safe. Your electrician will be able to:

  • Upgrade your main service panel to the proper amperage.
  • Install dedicated circuits for appliances like dishwashers and laundry machines.
  • Replace ungrounded two-prong outlets with modern three-prong ones.
  • Locate and install properly spaced outlets.

Your local electrician has years of experience in home rewiring services. Keep in mind that with older homes, this experience is essential. You might be able to retrofit your home’s electrical system yourself, but without this knowledge, you’ll be left in the dark if an abnormal issue occurs.Â

Certifications and LicencingÂ

Look, there is a reason why electricians need years of work in an apprenticeship before becoming proficient. It takes time to build an understanding and knowledge of residential electrical systems and how to maintain them. Most states—with rare exceptions—will require an up-to-date license to perform any commercial or industrial electrical work.An electrician has to go through several years of work to reach the level of Journeyman, and even more for the title of Master Electrician. Moreover, there are certifications that electricians attain that can help them expand their knowledge and help customers identify quality. Here are some professional electrician organizations that offer certifications:

  • National Center for Construction Education and ResearchÂ
  • National Institute for Certification in Engineering Studies
  • Certifications through the Electrical Training Alliance

Finding an Affordable Electrician in MNÂ

Updating an old home’s electrical system can be a challenge. Having a licensed MN electrical contractor means handling your project safely, efficiently and on time. Our team at Randy’s Electric has years of experience maintenance old and new homes alike. We can be a trusted partner in your home’s renovation so you can live comfortably and safely. To get in contact with Randy’s Electric for your next installation or maintenance, need call us at 763-560-5600. You can also reach us online to book an appointment.